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About This Site

My Momma named me Joyce. My dog named me Jewell--well, the dog didn’t name me. I stole her name.


Like Indiana Jones’ Momma named him Henry, his Daddy called him Junior, and Junior named himself Indiana.


Do we remember Henry Jones?




But we remember Indiana Jones. 


I don’t have the adventures of Indiana Jones, but I love imagining and writing about them. I bet you do too. Come on, tell me. What fantastic tale do you have up your sleeve?


I bet you day-dream. We all do. Well, that’s what writing is, day-dreaming on a page. Do you have big dreams for the future? What about those wild thoughts that regularly pop into your head? 

Maybe those wild thoughts are the muse whispering to you. (Steven Pressfield said he needed to clean his house so the muse didn’t soil her gown when she came to visit.)


When intuitive voices speak, listen, and act.


That’s what I am doing here.


I decided this morning that I ought to have a site to list my books, big, little, a real live published book, and eBooks that I have created on my own.


Sure, I want to sell books, but I want to have fun too. So, welcome here. Do you have any writing you would like to share? Let's talk.


I had to stand on my desk to get a photo of my desk, then edit out my toes.

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I love it when people sign up. Thank you. I'm not a bugging sort of person, so don't worry about me filling up your ebox.

A GIFT--FREE Secrets between you and me. I will need your email address for it will come in your ebox.

I am required to sell this on Amazon, or on The Regal Publishing LLC site. Paperback and Kindle versions. (Free for Kindle Unlimited users.) I just signed up for Kindle unlimited and got three months free. It's a bargain. The price of my first free book amounted to one month's service.

eBook.  When you get everything you've always wanted drop me a line.  $0.99

eBook. For all the readers who read my blog on Vision Training and asked for more. This is my experience with Vision Training using The Bates Method.  $2.99

Newsletter format, Sent via email. Where the tiger belches is that place where we find our purpose, our reason for being, whatever we want to create for ourselves. The shepherd boy in  Paulo Coelho's book, the Alchemist, calls that place you've always wanted his "Personal Legend."  This story is one girl's traipse through the jungle. Yes, it's a Fairy Tale.  We're up to  the 7th issue this December. Any sign-ups will get all issues--up to the point of subscribing and the rest. You wouldn't want to miss any of the stories would you? I wonder, too, how it will end. 13 issues total.  $12.99

From my horsey days. Available in paperback only. $4.99

eBook. A little voice of God book dug up in the forest by my

Rottweiler Gabe. $1.99


Daughter and Jewell

Begin with a little coffee,

it clears the brain.


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Jewell's Trails

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