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Well, well, here we are.

Hi, thanks for joining my buddies and me on "The Green Trail of Bliss," so named by our neighbors when we lived in Hawaii.

The above picture was our driveway.

I have a yen for a little green lately, thus the picture. I intended that this site would be about the trails books make, and it will.  But first a breath of fresh air, a green trail, and then a cozy chair and a good book. Perhaps you can find one here to your liking.

Let's have fun. Browsing is fun. Let's do it.




My Momma named me Joyce.

My dog named me Jewell--well, the dog didn’t name me. I stole her name.

Like Indiana Jones’ Momma named him Henry, his Daddy called him Junior, and Junior named himself Indiana.

Do we remember Henry Jones?


But we remember Indiana Jones. 

I don’t have the adventures of Indiana Jones, but I love imagining and writing about them. I bet you do too. Come on, tell me. What fantastic tale do you have up your sleeve?


I decided this morning that I ought to have a site to list my books, big, little, a real live published book, and eBooks that I have created on my own.

Sure, I want to sell books, but I want to have fun too. So, welcome here. Do you have any writing you would like to share? Let's talk.

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Begin with a little coffee,

it clears the brain.

My daughter and Jewell

Jewell's Trails

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