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Cover Vision Training Jan 10, 21.png

Vision training from a personal account, plus research. Using the Bates Method.

Amazon eBook 


The Frog's Song  cover from regal front

The account of our family, three adults, one seven-month-old grandson, two dogs, and two cats who took leave of their senses and moved to a tropical island for one year. Published by Regal Publishing, sold on Amazon. Paperback and Kindle.

$6.99 on Amazon

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Doesn't everyone tell you how to have whatever you want? Well, here's my version. Go for it!  A small eBook. 

$1.00 digital download

horse book cover.png

From my horsey days. 
After 40 years without a horse, I got Duchess, en elderly mare to ease me back into riding,  And since you can't have just one horse.  I adopted two six-month-old fillies, a Quarter horse, and a mustang from the Bureau of Land Managemen
t.  I'm without a horse now, and I miss them.

$6.99  Free shipping, paperback

The God Book cover.png

A Conversation with God sort via an interactive book found in the forest. eBoo.k.


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Mailed via email on the 21st of each month. The first issue was free, 13 total. We're on the 7th this month December 21.  It's our search for our purpose--that's where the tiger belches.  When you subscribe you get all past issues., plus future ones.

$12.99 for One Year

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New book, just released on Amazon Kindle

For the writers among you. Or bloggers, or journalists, or memoir writers, or doodlers.

I don't tell you How-to write but I list ten books that will. I will encourage you to keep your butt on the chair and your fingers on the keys.

Available on Amazon Kindle

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